Planning to Restore Your Old Car?

Hire us when you need car paint removal services in Dartmouth & New Bedford, MA

Restoring a car or truck to its former glory can be a rewarding and enjoyable process. But it's important to make sure you get started on the right foot. Dartmouth Mobile Blasting LLC in Dartmouth & New Bedford, MA can help you out with our car paint and car rust removal services.

By using our special water and abrasive mixture, we can remove rust and old paint from your ride. We'll take great care to not cause any damage to your vehicle in the process. Once we're done, we'll make sure you're satisfied with the results and clean up the workspace.

Ready to bring your old ride back to life? Schedule a car paint or car rust removal service now.

Skip the pressure washer

During each of our car rust and car paint removal services, we make sure to never use a pressure washer. That's because pressure washers can:

  • Chip paint or remove it unevenly
  • Struggle to cut through rust
  • Cause damage to the car's frame
  • Break or loosen plastic components

Don't make your restoration harder than it needs to be. Let our professional cleaner handle your car rust or car paint removal needs today.