Give Your Work Equipment a Fresh New Look

We perform top-notch heavy equipment paint removal services in Dartmouth & New Bedford, MA

As the years go by, your heavy industrial equipment can end up looking rough around the edges. Constant usage can leave its paint job faded and worn. Not to mention how the salty New England air could cause it to start rusting.

Thankfully, Dartmouth Mobile Blasting LLC in Dartmouth & New Bedford, MA can help you restore your equipment with our equipment sandblasting services. We will:

  • Travel directly to your business or work site
  • Spray your equipment with our special cleaning system
  • Remove rust and any old, faded paint
  • Make sure to clean up once we're done

Call us at 774-433-8793 to plan an equipment sandblasting service.

Keep your equipment running for longer

Getting an equipment paint removal service is great when you want to quickly repaint your equipment. Once we're done, your equipment will be ready for a fresh coat, allowing it to look like new once again.

Additionally, by getting rid of rust, you can avoid potentially costly repairs or replacements. Getting rid of surface rust now will help avoid damage to your equipment as a whole.

Improve how your equipment looks by having us remove old paint and rust today.