Blast Through Tough Stains With Ease

Discover how easy it is to clean your surfaces with mobile sandblasting services in Dartmouth & New Bedford, MA

When you're dealing with especially tough stains and coatings, simple elbow grease just won't cut it. Instead, let Dartmouth Mobile Blasting LLC come and take care of things. With our mobile sandblasting services, we can come directly to your home in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

We can:

  • Get rid of concrete stains and stamps
  • Give your pool tiles a deep clean
  • Remove stains from your wooden deck or fence

Unlike other power washing services, our special sandblasting services don't use harsh chemicals and won't damage your home.

Call us at 774-433-8793 to book a sandblasting service today.

Prep your home for a new paint job

Before you start repainting your home's exterior, it's important to remove any previous paint. While a regular power washing service can struggle with this job, our sandblasting services will quickly and efficiently strip your old paint away.

We can remove paint from a variety of surfaces, such as shingles, brick and metal. Whether you want to strip paint from your old chimney or start fresh on your entire home, we've got you covered.

Partner with us when you need to get paint stripped from your home.