Update Your Property With Dust-Free Blasting Services

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Do you need to remove paint from the side of your home? Are you looking for an eco-friendly way to strip a coat of paint from your deck? Reach out to Dartmouth Mobile Blasting LLC. We offer dust-free blasting services in Dartmouth, MA. Our service is a great alternative because it won't create the hazardous dust levels commonly associated with traditional sandblasting.

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What We Do

What We Do

We remove any failed surface coating from any hard material. It does not matter how thick, hard or resilient it is. We will come to you in Southeastern Massachusetts/ Rhode Island at the agreed upon time and we are committed to removing that coating faster than you would do.

How We Do It
Dartmouth Mobile Blasting runs a mobile self-contained rig. It can carry hundreds of gallons of water, one ton of blast media, and a 185 cubic feet per minute air compressor plus we are dust free. All that is cool, but without a knowledgeable, capable and caring operator running the show we can't make you happy and satisfied with the results.

Why Choose Dartmouth Mobile Blasting?
Great Low Prices when compared to the labor and materials it would take to strip your project by hand or other machine.
We are mobile and self contained. There is no need to transport your project to us, we come to you.
We can do those jobs that you can't move like houses, boats, garage floors, etc...

Dartmouth Mobile Blasting uses only water and glass media to strip whatever coating from whatever surface you have, which makes it dust-free!

When it comes to brick, concrete, asphalt and masonry, traditional methods of restoration include, sand/soda blast (dust cloud and etched surface), chemical strippers (toxic and usually don't work well unless the surface is smooth), or just plain old painting over the graffiti (how many layers of miss matched paint can a wall take?) Plain and simple, Dartmouth Mobile Blasting is the best way to remove failed paint or graffiti from wherever it might be.

Enjoy the benefits of dust-free blasting

You should get dust-free blasting because:

  • It's environmentally-friendly and uses recycled glass as an abrasive
  • Water is mixed with the abrasive to reduce friction, heat and metal warping
  • It can remove any coating from almost any surface

You can safely strip any surface without causing damage or turning your property into a health hazard. Make an appointment for dust-free surface blasting by calling us at 774-433-8793 today.